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Sunday, May 31, 2009


These equations know me but i don know them. ^^

BORING !!!!! SS-ing at Maths class

Look.. she just acting la..

Owen ^^

Its maths class. Damn hate it. I remember that day when he call out names for the attendance but he dint call my name. So i asked him:

Sarah: Sir, you dint called my name out
Lecturer: I already tick your name.
Sarah: How do you know my name ?
Classmates: voooovooooo !!!

you understand?

After the boring maths class, I went to Sunway club with my family but i arrived 1st. Damn early. (thanks to Tuck Poh for fetching Le anne back^^) Reach there around 5.30pm. Inside the locker room for about 1/2 hour because of my phone. Don know why i can't call out. Whenever i want to make a phone call, it shows connection error. Fcuk . Than until 6.00pm , walk to the gym room and work out at the threadmill for 1/2 hour too. After that, I went back to the women room (locker room, toilet) have a sit at there with my filthy smell of sweat. After a while, my family arrive and i played snooker with my brothers again. Boringgg.. LOve pool better. Than, i went to the swimming pool and swim for 1minute i think. LOL. When i reached there, my mum say want to go back. After getting up and walk to the ladies , a man approached me and asked 'where did you buy your swimming suits, i want to buy for my daughter' LOL, than i said IOI mall's Jusco. Haiz.. i hate my swimming suit. Bought it last year. Don know why i will choose that pattern just like a child's swimming suit. I will buy a new one if i got money . ^^

SS-ing again

in the ladies

nice? before gym

and this after gym

my foot after color

my childish swim suit.Cant believe that i post it out.LOL

After bath we go back home. Traffic Jam at after the sunway toll heading back to puchong. Damn hate. its 8.35pm . What the heck . Why those people haven go back home. Makes the road damn congested . We went to 928 food court to eat. Hate their service there. The foods come before the drinks. Its already 2nd time happened.


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