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Thursday, May 21, 2009


It was my birthday today.Dint plan to go anywhere.This morning when i got out from my bed i receive 11 text messages. Quite surprise cause people seldom find me and i never think that anyone will wish me happy birthday. Yes the 11 text was from my friends wishing me happy birthday on the time 12am. After the 11 friends, the others text me on the afternoon~

The 1st one was my dear Annie~
2nd was Ven jie ~
3rd was Alvin ~
4th was Alanis ~
5th was Nesty ~
6th was Summer ~
7th was Yiew mee babe~
8th was Xian ~
9th was Way Hong ~
10th was Yun Cheng baby ~
11th was my besties in primary school Caroline ~ Sorry put your plane .. lol
12th was Jun Keat ~
13th was Tai Xi ~
14th was Ganesh ~
15th was Jun Sam ~
16th was Allen Siew ~ ( wished me on 11/5/09)
17th was Zhyan ~ ( wished me on 12/5/09) He was my primary schoolmate~

Later that day, Jia hui and me went to Pond Saloon to dye our hair~I remember last time when this saloon open, they put their signboard as Porn saloon. Do they understand whats the meaning of porn ? LOL . I saw their name card was porn saloon. Still using that name . After dye our hair , i fetch her back . Than later that night my brother planned to give a surprise for me by buyind a cake.Seriously im not surprise.Maybe its because it was my 4th cake. Anyway thanks ya~Love you all !


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