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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


As usual my class starts at 4pm - 6pm.I when out from my parent's shop at 2.45pm to fetch my sister to her tuition class.After that, need to fetch LE anne at Tesco bus stop than only go to Inti.Reach Tesco around 3pm and reach inti than find parking.I think 3.30pm only finish my parking.I parked at Taylor's there.LOL. Guess what.I reverse and drive , reverse and drive for around 8Times than only can get into the parking slot.So Hate the surroundings there.So many cars and always jam.Lucky to find a parking there.^^Than the worse part is !!! our english lessons postponed !!! so fuck . Jam half and hour only reach here.Somemore need to waste petrol and toll money.Haizzzzz.After knowing that our class postponed, me, Anne and summer find annie and jia hui them HIGH-TEA at AC.LOL..Drink & play poker.

Later that night, i text carol & asked her where the want go yum cha a not.Than she say ok~Gives her a surprise by buying her a mini cake from bread story~Sorry for the late celebration ya~mwahssss.Her real date is 11/5 just different 1 day only! I knew her from standard 4 ~ Still remember what we did that time ? with Ivan, Kavin and other guys .. So damn miss them lar.Wish to gather with them . ~

Forget sing birthday song imagine that i sing la HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU,happy birthday to you,happy birthday to caroline , happy birthday to you!~ muacksss ^^

Any different between me and her now? This is Std 6 picture .. LOL

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