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Saturday, May 16, 2009


Its been 3weeks i attend classes normally.Dint skip class before:)Never intend to do that too cause my mum pay so much money for it.Like Marketing so much:) the lecturer were so funny and playful and sometimes serious...naaahhhhhh.30% on management class and 20% on English class (the lecturer were too straight and fierce)10% for maths and malaysian studies.Boring and annoying.Especially maths.Don know what the hell is he talking about.Malaysian studies..Hmmm same as maths.Maybe because at secondary school i hate these subject.Thus, i won't pay any attention on these class.whooopp.

About my classmates yeahh.I prefer English classmates compare to DBADI classmates cuz they i can't even know them in 3weeks time.not like english class, 1 week ady know each other.The other thing were i can't understand why i'm over-sensitive.I have a feeling that my mates doesn't like me at all.I fell like they treat me coldly.Can anyone tell me why they do this to me.?Feel so hurt.Their eyes can tell me deeply that they don't like me.Why ? cuz i have dark skin and short hair?because i'm poor? brings a ugly and old dictionary ? drive proton's car ? use Nokia's phone? don know mandarin ? poor on everything ? Thinking too much yea.The main reason why people don't want to communicate with me its because i can't really speak mandarin and most of them speak mandarin.well i can speak english if they english sucks too..the main mother language of mine is cantonese..OUch stoooppp here

Seriously i miss my school's friends !!!!!!

haizzz..zzz got to change my style of thinking or else..i will suffer until im in the grave.


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