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Friday, May 22, 2009

what a DAY

Look at dear annie.. Damn pro


huuuuu...After class 12.00pm went to Face to Face eat lunch with around 20 than played pool with annie and the others boy-friends and girl-friends as well.(last post ady written out)My skills is better than last time.yeaa..thanks to Mr. Jay.LOL.After class 5pm, i go back to my mum's shop because need to attend a buffet dinner at my bro's fiance house which is at Gombak around KL.6.30pm we start to go from my mum's shop.Traffic damn jam.So hate.I think around 7.15pm only reach there or less.Reached there and i found a parking slot and i think i can't manage to park in and U-turn again to find a parking.After the U-turn i realise that there is no parking too.So i U-turn back to that parking slot to park at there.LOL.I can't manage to park in.So i get out from the car and let my bro park.huuu.I fail to park again! Just like at college.Got a parking slot also no use.Cant manage to get in.Haiz.Than we had our dinner and walk around with my heels.My leg damn pain.From morning i wear it till now.Aduhhh..Sakitnya...Damn HOT can't stand it.Other than Hot i need to see those aunty 'pretty''s face that use their big and round eyes staring at me.Nothing to do.Nothing to see.And tired and smelly.Than i think around 9pm we ask to go back.Going back that time i drive again but without traffic jam but im still tired.At the highway, i just maintain my speed 80 but the stupid lorry 'like' want to lick my butt so he made me speed, from 80 to 120-130 if im not wrong.Reach until the kesas highway i saw my dad's car and drive closer.Than my dad try to race with me which i know that i cant beat him but im still trying to cut over his lane.At last i past him which made my mum called my brother and ask him to ask me that i want to get an aeroplane license ar ?The reason why sometimes i don want to speed is . . . i kena summon before and i don't dare to do anything illegal again. Tired . Good night ~


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