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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Tuesday 26/5

now at college .. damn boring .. (wednesday) 8.36am . finished our assignment just now. nothing to do. what i did yesterday is : SNOOKER . As usual after class back to my mum shop and around 5.45 pm went back home than goes to sunway club. First time at there played snooker which i don't know how to play. The table is way more bigger than the pool's table. Pool is better than snooker. More suitable for girls or women.After crapping around at there, my sis and I went to sunway to buy things and have dinner.


love 'teng chai' porridge
After i finish our dinner, we went to Ratha mamak stall to have a drink which is around my house. Their Teh Tarik is da best. hehe . Go try

Teh tarik

bought this at Vincci with 20% .. hehe
with this. im broke !
used to much money this month.


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