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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


behind the classs

camwhored : without edit ... fresh and hot .. hehe

Usually today i will sit at AC and wait for the time to pass but not today cuz i have assignments to do. Finished now and Le anne and me wait in the class to pass the time. Luckily today i got bring notebook, or else. . i will be running here running there like an ape finding things to do. hehe. Time pass so fast and now its almost in the middle of the year. exams and assignments are coming through. For my brother, don know how he feels. His biggest moment in his life is coming . He will marry his fiannce at 31/10 . If i'm not wrong , they offically be husband and wife last year. Thats all for


  1. ei~~the le anne u talking about is sksm d li anne ar???

  2. bukan la.. hehe.. that sksm de is siaw li-anne

  3. lol~~mana tau wo..
    thy same name~~hahhaahah!!