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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

tired ( as annie ask me to update X3 )

after attending my class at 10am till 12pm, go ac to have lunch with jia hui and the others.Later on, i text Annie to join and ask to change venue cause its too hot for me at AC. LOL i just played for the 2nd time and i still don know how to play. There were 2 teams. 1st one was Annie & Daniel than the other team was me and daniel's friend. He look like Jay Chou. He were so patient to teach me. LOL
at last i poke the color ball into the hole but unfortunately the white gets in to.Aikss .. wasted

After that we when to Alvin's birthday party. Sorry that we go so fast ya. Got to rush to CCS for meeting. We did nothing there but ice breaking because 1st timers.Lazyyy to tell how we did the ice breaking.After the CCS meeting, 4pm-6pm our management class starts.Lecturer starts to give us assignment to do.1st assignment.Than, we had a game called SACRIFICE.Lazyy to explain.

After class, i straight away go to sunway club to do gym while my parent and siblings swims.I cant swim because my 'big 2nd mother' finds me today.LOL.Damn tired and no energy.Some more i used the thread mill for 1/2 hours.Although its not very long to some people but for me yes.Im like dying after that.

Thats all :)

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