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Sunday, May 3, 2009

labour DAY~

1/5/09 Labour Day ~
This is the 1st year that my mum closed shop on Labour Day ^^ its been 5 years ++ Nothing special. We went to Genting.1 day trip only.Againnnnn :) LOVE the weather there.Windy + Cool.
Early in the morning around 7am.We begin our trip.Than i suggested to eat Klang's Bak kut Teh.
MmmMmmm yummy~Reach there.My mum ordered.She din't realise that she ordered too much for 5person.Cuz i don't like to eat pork.I just had a few slice.I like the soup so much :) Than
take away for my brother (elder brother din't follow us to go) Got to go back to house again.(From Puchong to Klang) than (from Klang to Puchong) than ( from Puchong to Genting) Wasted our time but waste time better than waste our food.So weird that the restaurant only sell Bak Kut Teh not like others restaurant got many variety.They dint even sell a single plate of vegetables = = Only pork and some tauhu.Hate tauhu:(

Than around 10am we reached our destination.Damn hard to find parking.At last we found one.Than saw 3 Lamborghini from Sg :) orangeee . Pure whiteee . Yellowww

Than me and my siblings went to First World Hotel.We played indoor.Damn boring.The main reason why we does'nt want to play outdoor theme park is we HATE to wait.The queue was so long and not worth it.We prefer indoor than.Although not many varieties and boring games we had a great time on argument with my lil bro.Arghh hate to talk about him.His attitude sucks.
After that we went to the Bakery.I had a Hot chocolate milk there and cost me Rm10.00.Worth it though.Mmmmmmm.

Its 5pm.We went to Coffee Terrace had our buffet dinner.Love sushi:)Everytime we went there.The 1st thing i will take is SUSHIIIIIIII especially Fresh salmon. LOveeee it.
Almost 7pm. Many people were waiting for their seats outside.Than we went home.My lil bro vomited 2 times that evening.In Coffee Terrace's toilet and Car park.LOL. Don know why he consumed so much.


1 comment:

  1. ei~tau fu sedap le..
    dun yuckx le..~~~

    ur bro tak mau waste food ma..
    so makan byk la..~xD