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Thursday, January 7, 2010


Refer to my latest post abt the form one thing.
*I had never ever ask number from any male that IDK.

Today after hearing that from a teacher. I had my lessons learnt by money. I wasted abt 10k with those expenses for studying. I need to repay that amount of money when i got my very own job.
Still checking out what to do next. I have had 3 ulcer in my mouth. I cant even smile! Its located the most up part of my inner lips. And the other 2 i bite myself accidentally. I need to press my mouth when i laugh or smile. It really hurts =(

Still figuring out where to put nuffnangs thingy. Been figuring out since i joined nuffnangs. I earned Rm2 from them. lol . Do you all know what day is today ? = =
Its Ne-yo having a concert at Sunway lagoooon. So wanna go duh. Love his songs.
Arghh .. I wish i could get back my computer sooon. And i hope that all of my pictures still there. PRAY. Ram spoiled. Is it possible to keep my pictures ? Aiksss.

Sigh.. im getting fatter duh. Even Caroline asked me that Sarah u fatt fok ar? zzz . I been working out at gym duh. Still like this. ish . Maybe i eat too much everyday. Once i sit i'll find things to eat. Thats why i become so fat. zzz .

My mum will off the modem soon cause my siblings need to attend school tmr. Make me cant on. I need some justice please. lol . Gonna complaint soooon . Night peeps.

Whatcha said


  1. sarah lee is back^^

  2. i think is right for u to choose thing u like.
    since u stopped business, y not u try out other thing?
    like hair stylist, make up artist, body art, nail art or facial care~^^

    +oil BABE~!! and not u the only fat fuk~~me also!!><!!

  3. lolz... sayin each other fat... lmao

  4. my mum dont let me learn those lor.. sien..

    i more fat duh.. so obvious.

  5. ==" aduii request dulu least gt thing u learn n got a jalan for future la~~