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Saturday, January 30, 2010


Tiger woohoo . Cant find it at bing. So dw from TGV site.
Guai lin gou RM7
pork rice? RM17 (if im not wrong)
totally sucks
Ramen wanton RM13 i guess
siu long pao RM9

Dragon-i sucks for me except the Siu Long Pao
Normal stuff that we can find at normal restaurant &
charge triple the price but use
higher quality of the ingredients. (i think)
And idts that its nice for me
That ramen's soup taste like water
Pork rice that he ate totally SUCKS.
Oh yea.. They charge us RM2 for the tidbits but
dint give us. Zzz . We dint say anything abt it.
Watever. We asked twice for the bill
and still need to wait.
Idk what the hell we need to wait for
cause there are quite many staff that can give us the bill
I rather eat SAKAE der.
At least i can eat Salmon with reasonable price
and better service
and they dont charge us tidbits that we dint get.
All the above i write does't meant to say/critics Dragon-i lovers
No offence to Dragon-i lovers.
Just i get my 1st impression like that.
So i dislikes it.
After Dragon-i Shoooooping =)
Take out money from ATM.
All RM10. WTF......... Changed RM50 to Dear.
Bought a heels from Nose.
I like that one the size that i wear left last one which is in display
So i bought the other one which i doesnt like it much
Tot it was RM57. lols.
thats why i buy. Than pay that time its RM75.. Zzz
Nvm.. At least i got a Recycle bag.
Than bought a Slipper at Cotton On RM29.
Tot it was RM39. =) Lucky the cashier is honest
Kitschen still on Sale.
Bought one piece short + shirt.
My sis say that it looks childish. ishhhh
Than went to F-Block.. Tops
Time to watch WOOHOO
Bought popcorn those for RM18 Zzz lor..
Full house der.
Than went back home.
Mum say today need to go back home dinner.
End 300110


My computer finally come back
Fixed for 2 months plus
And charged for RM90 =)
Zzz. Just cleaned up my room
now turns back to the way it was after 2days..

End for today.
Goooood night peeeeeps.

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