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Friday, January 8, 2010

horror 8/1/10

There is a story that i wanna tell u guys.
Once there is 4 brothers and sisters. One day when the father went out to work. They argued because of the younger brother went out without permission. Everyone was mad. Than their mum came and take action. The elder brother is very aggressive and hot tempered person. He think that he's the biggest in the world and everyone need to obey him. He had punched his elder sister several times using his big fist. Its very hurt and pain for a girl. The elder brother pushed the younger sister 2 times and pushed the older sister until she falls down and their mum follows and fall down too. The elder brother than hug his mother because she got high blood pressure. She cant fall down if not she will be retarded. Than the other siblings pushed him away. Than he go away and never come back.

Mum's shop business is getting lower and lower. Sooner or later people will forget how to go to our shop. Aiksss. People demand for China's product which cant last long. And after using it, they found out it cant really works well they bring it back to change. Cant consumer think properly ? You pay for quality. Its just like people pay for LV, Coach , Prada's bags. It last long and branded. Some more please dont compare prices. Maybe others people products does't same with ours. About the price. We sell with reasonable price. Those customer still wanna reduce x3. Fuck them. Never think before that if u open a shop and i insists to reduce your price till i like. What profit u get ? idiots.

Yea.. Im a person who like to pay back what u gave me. What u gave me i will give u back the same. I'll act like you and do things like you. To show how i feel when u did that to me and i won't tell you.

Lately, i was like no friends. Maybe because i dint contact or dint hang out with them. Luckily i have my dear and family to accompany me. Now if is not my dear its my family. Friends are getting far away from me. Its okay cause i cant go out like you all does. Even if i can you all also wont ask me cause maybe you are all tired of me for denying to go out with u all. No offences to anyone. I just feel and think like that =)

Just now my sis asked me what if u have no bf now ? What are u doing now without your computer. zzz . I answered idk..

Today's new says that maybe fuel will count by Cc. The bigger your car's Cc the higher the price u need to pay & we need to bring IC to refuel. zzz . There are ways that people will do to get cheaper fuel price. Please stop this issue gov.

*Everything went up but salary still the same.
*Now the lessons learned i touched that i was burn.

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