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Thursday, January 14, 2010

14/1/10 . smokers

Rainy day =(
I dislikes rainy day sometimes cause it will shoooo my mum's customer away.
Why does everyone does'nt come out during rain ? cause they don wanna get sick? lols

Smokers . Damn hate them . Yes my bf is one of them too but i dont hate him cause he doesnt smoke in front of me. I hate those who like to smoke in front of people. Why does they never think about us ? We inhale 2nd smoke. We cant exhale out. We get to suffer more than they do. We will die faster if we always inhale those F**K smoke. Especially those who smokes cigarette from indonesia, those sucks. The smell will make me cant breathe. Dont smoke in front of non-smokers. It will harm us. Please consider about it. Check this link out
show smokers lungs. Its disgusting until i dont dare to post out. And please dont waste money on cigarettes. Keep those money for emergency or what also better than buying something that harm your life.
# Highway Choo and other smokers please quit smoking now.

Donno why my stomach pain for few days d. Its not pms's pain. Its like gastric pain or inside got air pain. The pain comes lil by lil. Wonder whats wrong with it.

Arghh.. Im gaining FAT. Im getting fatter everyday. Cant go gym and my calories are increasing day by day. DIET is the solution ? idts cause i love to eat but this morning i drank a milo and eat a piece of kuih only. Woooots first time ever. lols. Than afternoon rice, vege, steam egg and 3pcs of fried crab balls. I loveeeeee fried fooods. ishhh.. Night gonna eat as lil as i could. Hope that i could stand this for 3weeks . =) I think i could'nt stand. Hahas. I love to eat . Darn myself.

Mum calling me eat. Chaos

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