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Saturday, January 23, 2010


Thanks to May may clinic

What a day.
I was about to make potatoes to eat but end up hurting myself.
I use the peeler to peel the potato skin off.
Than I accidentally peel my 1st finger's skin off.
It hurts !!!
You donno how pain it its until u feel it yourself.

But this pain does't count anything for me.
Cause there are things that hurts me until idk how to say.
I really dislike the way u treat me.
Please don always scold me.
Lil bit lil bit raise up voice and impatient.
Im a girl and u are a boy thats the difference between us.
Girls heart are not that strong and im sensitive.
So please dont hurt me.
I don want to get hurt.
I want to be happy in our relationship
not like everyday we argue about a small lil matter.
I rather to be single than getting hurt by u.
I hate to argue.
I dono how to argue with u.
The smoking issue.
I really donno when u will stop smoking.
U lie to me since u are with me.
Say that will quit but until now
WTF i get?
I get nothing but disappointment.
U dint even reduce the quantity of cigarettes.
What i say is just rubbish.
U dont wanna hear.
I donno what to do.
Please Help.

Life without a finger sucks.


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