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Saturday, January 9, 2010


hello :)
Referring to my 9/1/10 post.
In the end i dint ate dim sum nor go sunway. About 12something he reached and we went to beside ioi mall dim sum restaurant but reached there they say don have dy. Instead of dim sum we went to beside the dim sum few shop lots to eat. Than head to Ioi for guiilingao. Nice =) very soft and strong of herbal taste. Rm10 for big size. The price has gone up to Rm1. Last time my sis and i ate for Rm9 but its not that tasty soft nor strong of herbal taste. Craving for more. After that went to KL for a while than went back to puchong. Ate lok lok . Xong =) Than head back to home to cook.
Thats all for today. Night

Dont trust me

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