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Friday, January 15, 2010

15/1/10 moody

Im kinda moody. Idk why. Maybe i feel lonely cause everyone at college can contact and hang out with each other. Its only me. Im alone but lucky i have my bf if not im dead of this. I really miss u guys badly =( All also dint find me after i stopped even my secondary school friends. Just one of my college friend find me yesterday at Fb. Really appreciate it. Oh yea one more. Secondary friend its just im busy to reply his craps. Sorry fei bank. Maybe i dint find them thats why they all also dint find me. Or im busy to out with them. Sooon everyone will forget who's Sarah Lee. Idw that to happen. TT Please guys please dont forget me.
#sometimes we just need to let something go in order to make ourself happy.
One of the new year resolution is change my thinking and my attitude.

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