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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

12/1/10 ♥

morning peeps ♥
Will soon edit my blog when i figure it out how those it go..
Going to shop soon.. PMS makes me sleepy and tired.
Last time also wont like this. donno im sick or what.
Is it throat infection from Mr. Choo? lols Argh..
From Monday till Friday i need to wake up like last time 630
cause my mum call my sis to wake up and i will wake up too by her.
Automatic alarm. No need to set.
Make me need to sleep early. I need to cut down my fuck fats.
Hate them.Cant go to gym now.
Need to reschedule. Im busy from 1 to 7. lols.
I give myself no time to settle down at home.
Thats why my bedroom is that ''clean'' XD

My hair. Ishh.
Last time i cut my hair its like disaster.
Ugly like shit.
I think im not gonna cut it short and see
how do i look with long hair.
Curios ?
Form 2 that time im long hair duh but not
as long as those pretty long legs girls.
Im very jealous with those pretty babes with long hair ,
long legs and rich.
They are so pretty ♥.
Their style , the way they speak, their cosmetics,
clothes, heels, purse, clutch, and many.
Saw a girl yesterday from blog.
She's pretty and she's only 18.
She know how to dress herself , make up and others.
She look like a Taiwanese but she's not.
She's a Malaysian.
Just like me, why cant i be like her ?
I know why cause I am who I am ♥
This makes me special .
Agree ?
They can do this because they got money.
If i got i'll do too but i don have.
Which girl wont dress herself gorgeously
when they got money and time.
Both i also don have.
I think i'll buy 2sets of clothes,
1 heels for myself this year cause financial problem.
Hoho . Who know when i start to shopping
i'll use all the money i got. lols.
I'll do so if im crazy for it.
I'll wait until i got enough money to buy everything =) hehe.
I promise myself to get a Coach purse when
i got myself a nice pay job. hahas .
Yesterday morning i asked my mum if u guys really go to
Japan please buy me Coach purse,
she ask what is Coach?
Than she ask me again what is burberry.
Gosh. I told her its like LV those.
Than she only know.
Is Coach not famous or what ?
lols Gotta go pack up and bath.
Don wanna get scold if im late to shop
Chaos guys =)
Donno whats wrong with this post. i edited it for few times. cant get the way i want it to be. argh

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  1. money money money... all about money...zzz