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Monday, January 25, 2010


Hello peeps.
Almost the end of the month.
Bought so lil clothes compare to last year.
Economic down equal to no money to buy clothes.
My finger are now free from bandage =)
My diet promises is so out from me.
Eat Eat Eat non stop
Im becoming a pig soon.
Mum going Thailand tomorrow.
Suffering me der.
Im replacing my mum's half place to do all the jobs
Less people work.
I know how hard to be in her position.
I don want to be.
She is stresssssssss
I, her daughter is a lazy bump
Im lazy to help her even though i
know how to do the paperworks.
Im just F**King lazy
Sorrrrieeeee mummy
Love u always mum.
Take care there

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