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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Full house 170110

Welcome to Full House
Set 2 : Rm16.90
Iced lemon tea
Tuck Poh's pasta
Tuck poh's fav drink longan iced.
Ever wonder does he feel boring with this drink a not.
Everytime also this
Mushroom Soup
Mine =) 3/5 stars for it

Dear's chicken chop

Everyone say Hello to Mr. Thomas

Should be posted that day but there are several reasons that i could't post
i. Cant upload big size pic, need to be shrink
ii. Dear took back his lappie
iii. same with i & ii.

Last Sunday went to Sunway with Dear JH & TP
Ate at Full House =)
Bought 2 things
i. Cloth
ii. Bag

About 6 something i left there after JH's friend arrive.
At last back home with my messy room
Dint clean up at last but cleaned at Monday =)

CNY coming ... Love it
Lots of ......... Hohooooooooooo
Hope wont lesser than last year.

Just now my sis asked me where's your computer again
I replied idk.
Than she say that guy sell it dy
Sudah banyak lama belum fix habis
The Ram dy gave it to him last week.
Should get my com this week or next week i guess.

Anyone know about PHARMATON ?
Ate it since last week if im not wrong.
I become more hot temper after eating that.
Zzz i try to be patience with everyone until today
i feel very uncomfortable after eating that.
I was like so hot and wanna scold ppl all the time
Mum say this supplement not suitable for me.
Ask me to stop.
This supplement was introduced my mum's customer
and mum bought it to eat.
He did tell us that this supplement will make us heaty but not hot temper.
Im waiting for Elken's supplement
by the end of the month i could get it.
Need those for my nose.
Sneeze and stuck all the time.


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