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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Teo Chew moi

Just now went to this Teo Chew Moi for dinner. Taste like water. Even water is more tastier than that porridge and it cant keep me full. It cost Mr. Choo for rm16.10 for the above with one herbal tea. I think if outside those sell mixed rice stall it costs only RM4 the most expensive one.
ZzZ Dont u all think that pay Rm16 for just porridge and normal vege and the most i cant accept is the taste. Expensive and not nice. Im willing to pay if its nice. Its not duh. Maybe i don like the taste or what so ever. I think it sucks. Im willing to pay Rm16 for starbucks coffee rather than this.

Than we went to Ioi's popular to buy some stationery. Wonders that G2 comes only dark blue color for 0.5mm ? I only found 0.38 or 0.7 is in blue in color. If 0.5 is in dark blue. After buying my stuff than go back. Mr. Choo is sick duh. Sicked for almost a week. Throat infection. He left early today cause he's tired and went back to see doctor.

Went to Genting on Sunday. Go up to eat their buffet. The price went up. If im not wrong last time we ate was at abt Rm50 per person now gone up to RM59. Shogun is better. Almost same price and nicer. More varieties and more jappi foooods. ~~ I tried to upload the pictures just now. Size too big cant fix in. lols. Try it again when im free. Night peeps.

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