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Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Just come back from Giant
Bought groceries and stuff for CNY
Usually BP's Giant wont be that pack
But today yea.
And their Shandy run out of stock
Both Giant at Puchong also finished
Those 700ml Shampoo expensive day by day
Dove RM32++
Pantene's RM31++
We bought 2x700ml of Dove cause promotion price
RM24.88 if im not wrong
Grab it before the promotion ends=)
After that went to Guardian
Their 375ml Dove shampoo having promotion now
RM12.88 and Giant cost abt RM18.98 if im not wrong
So Grab it before the promotions end
I bought some masks
Nice deal too RM13.88 for 4pcs of Montagne Jeunesse
Normal price per piece is RM5.90 or RM4.90
Bought 2 of that brand, one for hair
and one for leg
Gonna try when im freeeeee
Kinda busy lately.
Need to do so much in short time
Need to clean up my filthy rooom
Hate it when i got no one to help me
Gonna sleep now
Tata =)

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