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Friday, February 19, 2010

140110 1st day of CNY

Been eating these for 5days TT
Seaweed soup
My CNY present from my face

About 9something out from Puchong.
Head to Kampung Cina to have our lunch.
After that went to Teluk Batik.
Damn Effing HOT.
I dint go near the sea cause i don wanna wet myself.
And those sand hurts our feeeet.
My siblings did go to the sea to wash their feet.
Actually the sea were very dirty.
Not the 1st time we went to there.
Its 2nd time for us.
This time really really hot and very crowded.
People land people sea.

On the way to the hot beach

The weather was so hot
Just stay on the shaded area
Ah.. Budak jangan pergi sana nanti dia makan kau
The fella so pity. Aiks. Feel like reporting to the Animal department

After that we went to Teluk Intan
to eat Cu Cheong Fun and visit the building.
The building can only go up until third floor.
On third floor u d can feel the building
one side higher than one side
So scary. lols
Scare it will suddenly BI BA BOOOOM

The leaning tower at Teluk Intan.
Menara Condong.
No need go Italy to see the Famous leaning tower.
Now u can go Ipoh and check it out. lols
But there is a very big diff between this and that.
The story of

Leaning Tower of Teluk Intan

One of the town attractions is a Leaning Tower erected in 1885 by a Chinese builder, Mr. Leong Choon Cheong. It started to tilt four years after its construction finished due to an underground stream. The tower had a clock at the top, and still rings every 15 minutes now. The clock tower was originally used as a water tower, supplying water to the town area, while also reporting the time to all townfolks. It had also served as a beacon to guide ships into Teluk Intan Port. Currently it is a local tourist attraction, and no longer stores water. The area around the tower was paved with bricks and became a plaza. The main street at the centre of Teluk Intan is also named after Mr. Leong Choon Cheong to commemorate his contribution. The name of the street is "Jalan Ah Cheong"


This guy ask me to snap him. lols

After that, we quickly rushed back to the car
cause mum said dad's friend bring us eat Cu Cheong Fun.
Very famous at Teluk Intan
But im very shocked that there was no gravy !
Normally we eat those got but not this
and this add with 'sha got' to make.
They serve with greeen chilies that were not spicy.
Taste kinda good.
Its very big portion for us.
End up take away.
Teluk Intan 2nd famous Cu Cheong Fun

After eat headed back to Kampung Timah.
You guys will not know where is it.
Ask 10ppl only 9know.
If we say nearby Kampar they know. lols
Our ancestor's house has no one occupied now.
Everyone is in KL.
We even need to wear slipper to get in
cause it was very dirty.
Nothing to do there.
Just wait time to pass.
Dinner time.
At nearby restaurant.
Ipoh was also very very very HOT


That night.
I cant sleep very well.
Almost 2 to 3 hours wake up once
And i had a nightmare but i forgot what it is abt.
The air-cond was freaking cold.
and my blanket was like just a piece of cloth.
You know la. old times.
Than the mattress were so thin.
Hehe .. Darn many complains..
But every time overnight at there also like that.
Middle of the night sure wake up.
Because of the air-cond.
I cant stand cold.
Once i went out to sleep at living room.
That day at my room also.
Ku Jie overnight at our house in my room
Need to turn on the air-cond while sleeping.
Usually i wont.
Than in the middle of the night i woke up
and go out sleeeeep
As usual i will Ahhhhhhhhhhh Chi
Gonna post 2nd day of CNY soon
Stay on my Blog =)

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