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Friday, February 26, 2010

5th day of CNY.

Last day at Langkawi.
Miss there ~
About 10am went to jetty
and returned back the car
We sat the 11.30am ferry
That ferry was better than we 1st sat that one.
This was new and their air-cond were very cold.
After taking our car back
my mum wanna see the museum paddy.
They ask directions from the caretaker of our car.
They ask many people. zzz
Our car plate number was KS
means from Kedah.
Those motorists that we asked wonders are we from Kedah.
After the visit, we hunt for food
That restaurant serve fried kangkung
but we dint try.
Many people ate that.
Miss the chance to eat.
Orang juice i guess they only sell for less than RM2.00
Cause we called 8cups of drinks
Got barley, orange juice X3, Herbal tea, water
Got one more donno what drink.
All only for RM11.00
They serve with Tiger's cup
The glass type.
And they use fresh oranges too.
Cheap huh.
The food were average except the curry prawns
The prawns were not fresh
and cook with curry is like Yucks
After that we returned home.
Nothing special.
Reach puchong at 830pm.
There i received a call from my sweetheart, jh.
Went to puchong one eat.
than go jh house.
About 12am back.
Thanks dear for waiting me =)

part of our stuff
they force him to eat doughnuts
that my bro bought at big apple.

Nice =)
*that leg was not mine
Its my sis.
Jack's Daniel.

Highway captured. Nice huh.
Ok slave 2,
Next , my home please.

End =)
Stay tune.

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