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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

4th day of CNY 170210

4th day. Pulau Payar.
Dint use the car . Wasted for almost a day
Early in the morning.
Ate breakfast at hotel.
Than wait for the bus arrive at 8.45am
The bus need to pick up people at others hotel too.
About 9something reach jetty.
Damn pack and HOT.
Got many many many people on that day.
Due to CNY holiday.
Quite many foreign tourist too.
There we meet Lin Jie. lols
About 11am like this we reached
Go there took us 1hour 15min.
Dizzy dizzy
This ship offers us to buy bread to feed fishes and shark
Rm4 per bag. Yes we bought 6.
Better buy before going there.
Pulau Payar does't sell any food.
We need to bring food for ourself.
The ship do sells alot of non-full food.
Like maggi, junk foods those.
And some can drinks.

Okayss reached there at about 11am
1st thing take our goggles than toilet.
Than only swim.
Took a bag of bread with us.
3 of us tai sou, may and me
I got lil phobia to beach.
= =
i scare those rock and
those sands makes me feel very 'geli'
This 'geli' word is only from Malaysia
And i scare that something will approach me
without my acknowledgement.
We reached the side of the
beach to feed those fishes
Their house and gang at there.
You got bread ? than they will come near u
If no u cant even see their tail.
I threw the bread far away from me to keep out.
After those fishes knew that we got food
they kept coming over.
Than we stopped to feed them
After few sec, their shadow also cant see = =
All go the other side which got food.
After that went up to mum's place.
Eat our lunch that they provide.
*We paid RM100 per person for snorkeling.
Dont get cheated.
The lunch . gosh
One kaya bread
One chicken *like one slice of bone chicken
One mini muffin
Lucky mum got bring some bun and tuna
Keep us out of hunger.
While eating our lunch
We sat on top sea (with wood la) donno what they call
We use those bread to feed them
So damn many fishes.
I threw the bread to right they go right
I threw left they go left
I threw front they go front.
Kinda Fun =) hehe
Than we saw some sharks too.
The biggest from the angle and height i saw
the biggest one was 3 foot i guess.
Those sharks very clever.
They dont eat bread
LOL. i remembered that i threw a
bread, i used very high strength to threw
The baby shark like panic and got shocked *jumped/shake
After that i sat around and captured pictures
Feed fishes from top.
Without touching the water.
I asked dear to bring me down.
Cause its really nice and
i feel that i don wanna miss a chance
to see fishes swimming beside me.
Got down to the water haven got a minute
i ask dear to get me up. = =
really scaree of it.
he cont and i change clothes.
There were no fresh water to clean ourself
Those water were from the sea
So need to back hotel and bath
Snap here Snap there.

I hurt myself when i get up from the sea water
the wall that made out of stones.
Than i scare shark come and hunt me.
Dont dare to get in.
Cause heard they said that
if they smell blood they will come hunt u.

Nice ??

Koreans playing

The other part of the beach
No many come here .
This part were more nicer than the other one.

Buaii buaii

See that red short hair girl?
Lin Jieeee
Where we go their gang also at there ==

Reached hotel about 6pm something
Bath than went out for dinner
Wow , that dinner we waited about an hour
Rm115 got prawns , 5 dishes.
Cheaper and nicer than yesterday's dinner
Than we head to jetty to see the eagle statue.
After that went to town .
My bro's wife wanna buy D.O.M. liquor
After that about 11pm.
We reached hotel.
The chocolate shop wanna close d.
We quickly went in and grab grab grab.
I bought 8pcs kinder beuno for RM19.90
Cheap huh. Here sell 1 bar RM4.00 without promo
Than 6pcs of Toblerone for RM23.80
I bought 2. All for my friends.
30s ferrero rocher for RM24.80
Here sell RM30.00
Belgium choco Rm 6.90 per bar * nice
Kitkat. donno how much . just grab
Than ritter sport sell RM4.90 only bought 2pcs.
And i bought Jack's Daniel chocolate for RM12
And Jack Daniel's liquor small size RM28
Dear bought 3packet of ciga.
There sell only RM64.00 per packet
Hope to go there again to buy choco =)

Stay tune =)

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