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Saturday, February 20, 2010

2nd day of CNY 150210

2nd day of CNY
Well we gotta wake up early in the morning.
Its like 6am i woke up.
Cause of i cant sleep very well at there.
After everyone were done , we leaved Kampung Timah
and headed to Pasar.
Ish Ish Ish.
We woke up early in the morning
cause we wanted to eat that
MIHUN soup where it is very famous
and cheap (chinese restaurant)
CLOSED on that day. Aikssss
Than we went to KAMPAR eat
I ate HK cu cheong fun where it sucks
Most famous food there was Beef noodles
Dint eat that cause darn many ppl waiting for it.

At Kampar's park.

After that we started our journey to Bukit Merah at 9am
After about 15minutes we saw Gua Tempurung's billboard
Than we went in and see what they got.
There were 4 choices for us
1st one were Golden Flowstone (40min) RM6
2nd Top of the world (1hr 40min) RM9
3rd Top of the world and short river adventure (2hrs 30min) RM11
4th Grand tour. (3hrs 30min) RM22
Well of cause we choosed the Golden Flowstone.
We dint prepared anything cause we dk that we'll go there.
3rd and 4th will get wet.
2nd its like too long. lols
So number 1 is for us.
The view inside were amazing =)
So nice but its kinda dark there.
Cant captured pictures cause of too dark.
The Cave inside got various kind of peoples and animals
made from limestone.
Its not man made.
Its originally formed.
We kinda regret choose tour 1.
Cause it was really nice
When i saw people wearing fully prepared for the grand tour
They even bring torchlights and their suit.
i looked at us twice and said look at us
We wore slippers and look at what they wore.
Aiksssssss. who to blame ?
Nobody. hahas.
After that ... we crap
Scroll down to see our pictures.

I looked pale

Cant see huh.
Go experience yourself.

Look at that . Its like a pregnant lady.
In front u will see jellyfish. (no pic for that)
Its amazing huh.

Nice and fresh
Fishing anyone ? RM6per hour.
RM1.50 for these.

Whenever i saw this i will LOL!!
My siblings say i doing popping ka ?

Girl A: I use all my strength to win u!
Girl B : Chiewwwwww. You cant !
Girl A: Dont la Chiewwwwww, Im shy
Girl B : FUCK u!
Girl A: Okays. let u win
Girl B: Its always i win ok.

4 OK nice landing =)
Okays .. time to go another place.

Head to Town.
Ate Ipoh famous 'nga choi kai'
There were 2 famous nga choi kai here.
I prefer the other one.
This was like not that good for me

After that.. Went to Ipoh parade.
Bought some souvenirs for my babes
And we chill at Starbucks.

mine =)
choco chip
Small . medium . large.

After that we wanted to go Taiping's maxwell hill
Wow. Damn pack there and jam
Than we turned our way to
Bukit merah laketown resort without stopping there.
Reached there abt 5pm
All the parks will close at 6pm.
Than we discussed about where to sleep tonight.
Bla bla bla at last we headed to Kedah
After dinner we find find find all the hotels.
And finally we found a low cost hotel.
And we spend a night there.
At least i sleep well there.

Hey duckie duckie duckie
Come to mama

Lonely .. i ms. lonely
Nice huh =)

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