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Sunday, February 7, 2010

070110 Carls Jr

Raining & Jam =(

This number not Ong lor.. ishh

Mine . Fish & chips
Beef burger.. donno what name d
Pic of the day with sorts of edition.. lols
My gift for his advance birthday =)

Went to Sunway after he and i finish work
Cant manage to help my bro's wife
to do the seaweed biscuits for CNY
More than half and hour only reach sunway
Cux of Jam and too pack at sunway.
We could't find any parking. lols
We park at the non parking road.
That road is for cars to get
through the other side of the road
1st day of pms. Arggghhhhhhhh
Pain & sucks
Still drink cold drinks
That makes me even more sick
We ate Carls Jr. Nice =)
I like the french fries.
Nicer than Mcd so much
Must try if u like Ireland potatoes
The flavor is almost the same but
the size is smaller than Ireland's
And without dippings
Than we went shopping again
Go everywhere to find his shorts
Make me so tired cux all also not his cup of tea
Last saturday asked him to but while there is stock
Than just now went to Cotton on to find the shorts
He's so upset about it
Than we went to Kitschen, Padini, Puma, Edc, Jusco, Topman
and others also cant find any suitable for him
Than at last we went to Parkson
His cup of tea at there
Dis 50%... Asked him to buy 2
And he bought 1 red T-shirt.
Than i saw Couple Polo Tee for RM168
Try but not nice on me
Cause i gained weight. lols
Looooook damn fat on me
After that went back to Puma again.
Bought a pair of shoes for him as birthday present
Although its weeks long i scare i used the money later
or donno what to buy for him
Cause idk what he need
Coincidence he need a pair of shoes that
he wanted for so long
Than buy for him as present =) =) =)
No valentine gift jor. lols
We cant celebrate together.
Darn tired.
Gonna sleep sooon peeps

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