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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

3rd day of CNY . 160210

Early in the morning about 7am
we checked out from the economy hotel.
Went out to seek breakfast
and meet bro, his wife and highway.
At last can meet him =)
We ate Sarawak mee.
Many people ate.
Maybe still not many chinese restaurant open on CNY
They serve steamed chicken and pork too.
At 1st i tot that it was wan tan mee
than i asked Kedah's wan tan mee's sauce is white ?
Than they told me it was Sarawak mee = =
After breakfast we head to jetty.
We parked our car at the primary school.
Just opposite jetty.
RM16 per day due to CNY
The nearer u park the expensive u pay.
Forget which ferry we sat to langkawi. 8.30am
Than when everyone's were abroad
there comes a family with an aunty with a very big voice
Idk why she wanna do that to embarrassed herself
She sat wrong position.
She loudly said that ohh.. WE SIT VIP seats.
Some more wanna explain VIP =
WTF. If wanna show off don come here la.
Own your very own ship.
Sit wrong place wanna show off.
Okayss . enough of those.
Now i want to introduce to u all my Slaves XP
Please scroll down to have a look.

Slave number 1 & 2
Highway and Allen
Slave number 3
Slave number 4.
On the way to the ship.
ahhhhhhhh .. sweeeet .. hehe

After floating for 1hour and 45minutes.
We arrived at Pulau Langkawi.
Lucky we dint sit the Penang's one.
Or not we will be floating for 3hours.
I cant stand it at all.
I feeel very very dizzy.
Poor me.
After that , we find a Malay guy to get our rented car.
The rented car we booked at Kedah's jetty
About 2pm we finished everything.
We headed to MCD =)
Damn long dint eat d.
There also got MCvalue meal

Dad .

After lunch we headed to our economy hotel.
Its just RM180 per room for 3 person.
Free breakfast.
And there provide good services
even though it is just 2 star hotel.
Hotel Langkasuka.
Others 3 star hotel was fully booked
and expensive during the very peak season.
If it is normal day it would be cheaper.

Dear & me

After checking in and put our luggage
We went to the cable car.
There they wrote RM30 per person
but instead of RM30 we paid RM15 per person with MY card.
RM30 is for foreign tourist.
This was the 2nd time i go there.
Scaryyyyy .
1st time i went there was with teachers and classmates.
Remember Carol ??
But this was the 3rd time i went to Langkawi.
1st time when i was just a kid.
2nd time Standard 6
3rd 18 years old.
We waited for about 1hour only our turn
Worth it though
I was very scare.
Im phobia to height.
Its very high u know ?
I hold my dear and sis's hand damn tight.
There are 2 stops.
The 1st stop's view was so splendid!!
Idk how to say but it was really amazing view.
Std 6 i d forget = =
Some more std 6 we dint go for the highest one.
Just stopped at the 1st view.
Std 6 i go that time it was cold
Now... although its windy but its hot too with the sun.
After the 1st stop we continued.
Im not that scare after seeing that beautiful view.
Than we reached there we walked down to the bridge.
The bridge was so scarieeee for me.
Even my sis was scare too.
Its like shaking when we walked over.
Its not a problem for us to walk down
Its a problem for us to walk up back
Tiring.. Kinda far to get there.

Holland village. lols. Dad named it
Mum on the way to cable car.
Its like a village
We can buy eat play walk there.
Nice place but its was so hot
after cable car and feeding animals
We Chaoooooo
So happy ??
Nice huh ?
Dear captured.

It is beautiful huh.
Doesnt look nice here
Go there and feel it
Credits to the western people that helped us
to take photo and with his 3 pose.

Both of it also by me. heheee

Not i captured.
Its Highway.
' Guai Lou' if want find than find him XD

After that we sat back down.
Again im scare = =
Hold my mum's hand tight tight.
Lucky that popo that hop in
and share her ride with us dint laugh
wonder did she tell her family = =

After that we went to feed deers.
See that deer there ? below's pic
When i bought the food for him
He's approaching me and my bro
I was so scare the pack of food i gave it to my bro
Dont dare to feed them ==

After that say gooodbye to cable car
Buai buai Clever monkey.
I named him Dexter.

We than went to a beach.
We were all tired especially my sis.
We went to last time dad build that metal thingy.
Scroll down and u'll see a ball made out of metal
That's what my dad built.
It was 12 years late.
Almost all his liquor that he bought was from Langkawi
After that we went to the
Pasir Hitam beach
So disappointed cause the Black Sand
just left a very little portion.
Lucky i did see when i was young
Now u want to see also cant.
Got money also cant see.
Its very amazing and curios
Amazing cause the sand was black
and the story behind it.
Was it real ?
This legend will slowly vanished in Langkawi
cause when we go there that time
there were very less people there.
Than we find dinner to eat.
At Kuah town
WTF it was so so so expensive
RM100 for cheap fish ?
Their fish doesnt even taste special
And u told us that your restaurant famous dish was
wat wat wat taufu ?
Not nice at all
Kangkung with chili was too spicy.
Doesnt worth it for RM100 per fish.
If it is tasty than its okay but its just average.
Even my dad cooked nicer than u does.
After dinner went to those shop lots
to see chocolate and liquor
Than went back to hotel
than went out to downstairs mall
Their vincci's shoes and bags
are all same price as here
Just their chocolate, liquor,
and luggage bag and cigarettes are all very very cheap
No need to pay tax

This expensive yet dirty restaurant
This alcohol were very very nice
And it only cost RM3.10 at Langkawi
Nicer than Carlsberg and Heineken
Large size heineken only cost us RM3.60
cheap betul.
These were same price .

Stay for day 4 of CNY
And the chocolates prices if u wanna know =)

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