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Thursday, February 11, 2010

100210 Sakae Sushi

Sakae ~~~
What face he show me ?
Without make up

Effing love this =)
=) =) =)
Whole set.
Dear says sucks cause too sweeet
yeah i agree too
Its ady 10pm something still that effing JAM.
But at least can move.

Went to Sunway yesterday at night with dear.
I fetched my cousins, grandma, aunt back to Bandar Bukit Puc 2
from IOI mall and that time was 6pm something
Everyone going back to home from work that time
Darn JAM!!!
Arghhhhhhhhhh. HATE
Some more the jam there are more worst
Its okay =) i can see Isla cute face
She's so cute.

Reached Sunway about 8something
1st thing to do was buy memory card for camera
Scare not enough memory by that day
Keep as spare
Asked the 1st shop 4gb RM70 wtf ???
2nd one RM55
3rd one RM45 , yes thats the price i want
Sunway darn expensive compare to Low yat
I asked my cousin he say only cost about
RM30 to RM40
But from Puchong go there, my fuel ady gone.
We bought the RM45 one.
After that went to Topman to buy his Jeans
Promotion price RM129.
Than we went to Sakae
Just got my member card.
Dint bring my voucher duh.
Next time only can use.
Yesterday was our half year anniversary.
Donno whether he remember a not.

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