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Thursday, February 4, 2010


Today is my Uncle's 7-7.
He past away abt 2 months ago.
Today is the last day my aunt pray him
according to the medium or what so ever.
Last 2days my relative at Australia past away because of cancer
He survived for 1year and he carries the pain until last 2days
Everyone were sad but relieve cause he cant feel the pain anymore.
This morning my bro received a call from mum
saying that your grandpa's brother past away
I was like OMGosh
Why Why Why ? Its on us ?
I still cant forget my uncle.
Haven reach 100days he past away
Now i gotta accept 2 more relatives died.
My grandpa's brother past away cause of
on the way going somewhere he drop himself of the motor
and collapsed if im not wrong.
His son just married for a week.
I dont understand.
Life is like a movie
We eat work sleep and wait our time to come
Life like this is what ?
I think that when we're young like now
we should take care of our eating habits
Dont consume too much meat
and eat more vegetable
Drink at least 1.5liter of water per day
Do some exercise and so on.
Please do not consume too much fried foods
Twice a week is enough for me.
Everyday i will drink a cup of Anlene milk.
It helps me do well in the toilet.
Just give some opinions.
My uncle past away at 46.
He got many types of diseases.
Diabetes, High blood pressure, and so on
He like to eat.
He consumed too much of oily food and
sweeet food when he was young.
He also drink too much alcohol
Foods that are unhealthy will cost us a life.
So its better that we look after what we eat now.
I admit myself that sometimes i cant stand to eat food
especially fried food. I love it so much
but lately i had not eat that much like last time.
Bad for health and doesnt give us any benefit.
So guys
Please appreciate/cherish your family and friends now
You wont know what will happen tomorrow
I really dont want this to happen to me again
I got enough of it.
God bless them


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