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Monday, April 5, 2010

Today's post Gentlemen by Caroline.

Copy this from her blog.

~When you go out with a girl~

*don't walk in front her.
*find any topic to talk to her.
*if she wear heel, walk beside her [you will understand]
*if she wear skirt, cover for her when going up or down from escalator

*automatically gave her a jacket although she does not feel cold
*ask her if she need any drink or popcorn
*ask her do she need to go to toilet before movie
*half way she want to go toilet, accompany her

*pull a chair for her
*don't sit immediately,make sure she have a chair.
*don't shake legs [it annoy me a lot]
*don't smoke [1day don't smoke won't die]
*or ask it is OK to smoke [even she say she don't mind, she maybe shy to say "i mind"]

*send her home if she look tired^^
*say good night, sleep early and sweet dream [if it is night]
*kissed her forehead or cheek before she when away [ not necessary for friend=="]
*send her into her house [if she stay at condo or apartment]
*wait her to got into her house and locked the door before you leave[not gate]

Me feedback is
do not trust boys/men.
Look at my bf.
He told me that he'll quit smoking
when we knew each other.
But till now same old style.
I'm trying to quit.
It's not easy.
But i don't think so he put effort on it
cause its been more than half year.
More than half year he's like changing.
Changing to bad.
I donno but i feel its like changing.
Same old thing.
I hate it when u talk that loud to me.
Bla bla bla.
What so ever
i still love him.
Lame huh.

Stay tune


  1. anybody (boys/mens)who know how to appreciate their beloved special gf. will do all that thing automatically! in malay words.
    tiada paksaan. :P

  2. well i agree that too but i can't do anything to ask him quit when i told him thousands of times.
    Let it be :)