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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Black forest cheese cake.

Secret Recipe's Black Forest Cheese Cake
The Latest one.
For people that does't like cream
please don't choose this
cause 90% of it is made out of cream
Almost all Secret Recipe's cake is made out of cream.
I pretty much like this cake :)
But they say got cheese in it.
There's only 1 spoon i ate got cheese.
Others is cream and berries.
The cherries are as big as 20cents.
And its juicy :D
Dad gave me money to buy a cake for four of us
Its our birthday :)
But unfortunately bro went out
so its only 3 of us.
We are celebrating it together cause our
chinese birthday's gap is very close.
But our real birth date is
difference by a month.
2nd time i mention in my blog.
Cause this kinda amazing.
my elder bro - 10th Apr
me - 10th May
my sis - 4th May
my bro - 9th Apr
1 month difference only.
So my mum saves her money when
it comes to our birthday.
Last time we do open a birthday party
at home including last year.
But because of this year financial problem
we just went out eat
at Telok Gong. ( last few post )
Cont our birthday cake
So bro and his wife not around,
only 4 of us
which is Macy , Nelson, my dear and me.
Dad & grandpa went out
Grandma is in the room
Mum upstairs.
We did call them but they say blow yourself la.
So its just us!
I sang the song like this
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to me
Happy birthday to meeeeeeeeee
Happy birthday to me!
What to do its just 4 of us.
If not who's gonna sing for us ?
Just my dear ?
Well its okay
I'm very happy that i got a cake

Continue blog walking :)
Bye peeps

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