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Thursday, April 1, 2010


today is APRIL FOOL peeps
See that pic above ?
after i change it my number of ppl add me drop down
i know its lame but . . .
my previous one was my blog main pic.
so if u got my fb
u can see me keep on changing my pic
lazy and lame i change it to jia hui & me's pic
u can see it on last post or at my fb.

Today i received Sakae Sushi's magazine
Again . . they gave me lots of vouchers
which i can't use that much
Cause 1 voucher per visit.
Last month's voucher i can't even use it all.
This month's black plate of the month
April's theme is SOFT SHELL CRAB
Sakae sushi facebook contest :)
Just take some pictures and brief description below 20words
Easy to see hard to do. lols
Tell u guys the prizes.
1 year supply of sushi at Sakae Sushi !!!!!
Second prize x 3
6 months supply supply of sushi at Sakae Sushi
Third prize x 3
3 months supply of sushi at Sakae Sushi
Give me 2nd prize i will be very very happy lar..
Sarah Lee can u stop dreaming and act ? lol

Lyn u're right.
Its very hard to find a listener.
I got no listener even i got my bf.
Some things we can't tell anyone.
But things that u can tell u tell.
Don't keep it in your heart.
Cause it will burst someday
That time its too late to heal.
I find my mum as my listener.
I like to talk to her :)
Chiiit chiiit chat chat
At least she's on my side.
I dislike ppl against me but who does?
Than my mum will say
How will u improve if ppl don't against u ?
But sometimes i dont think its my fault.
And if i think its not my fault i won't say sorry
Thats me :)

Faster Saturday please
let me offffffff !
Toddy & Seafood i'm coming
hopes nth goes wrong
God bless me.

Ohhhh yeaaaa
I got 50bucks today
Got it from selling those metal and unused parts.
although its little for u but 50bucks for doing nth
except collect unused item out and sell.
Isn't much ?
Actually its 167bucks but we divide it out.
50 for me
50 for bro
and others for my younger sis and bro
Isn't it better than stand 10hours and get paid for 80bucks?
But its like 1 year once..

Thats all peeeeeps
Stay tune

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