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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Me, Me & ME

With make up (upper pic)
Lower pic is without x 3pic

Lower pic onwards all is with make up

This post is about me :)
I look different with and without make up
Shock huh?
With make up is like very energetic, fresh ++++++
Without is like pale, sick, ++++++

One thing i does't put foundation, make up powder
all those powder laa, i won't put
i don't even have one.
I only use concealer to cover my black spot
in the middle of my nose.
(Cause by a real big without head pimple)
I vanished it with oxy10
but it leave me a scar there.
I use eye shadow, liner, blush
and lipstick.
And to make my eyes bigger
i use fake eye lashes.
Not too long not too short.
I'm a single eyed lid girl.
I got double eye lid when i put fake eyelashes
but only selected one.

I do not know how to make up.
I read magazines
and just hit it.
If its not right
Try it again,I do not give up.
And as time pass by I get it the right way.
some tutorials from youtube
give me a big help :)

But my bf prefer me without make up.
I really don't understand WHY
Boys/Men like to see preeeeetieeee girls
but they don't like girls that make up
What ???
Weird .. don't understand.

From Daily Chilies
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  1. You look so pretty with or without make up. Thanks for dropping by my blog.

  2. I guess guys like natural beauty. But i oso wud be angry if i wanted to luk beautiful for em but in d end dey jz wanted a plain one. WT*! keekkee...tnx dropping by dear..

  3. Cute blog!

    I think you look sweet both with and without make-up. The impression I've got from my male friends is not that they dilike girls who wear make-up, they dislike it when they can TELL a girl is wearing make-up.

    Let's face it, guys can't actually tell if a girl does her make-up natural enough XD