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Monday, April 5, 2010


Very lame huh.
Normally i won't read and straight away click nope.
Today donno why, maybe 'sifat han' go click translate.
Than it really turn out english version
but i know that its now the owner who translated it
It's the system.
It's abit retard to read
cause they translate word per word.
So when mandarin change to english its like
Chicken and duck talking.
But at least we can read :)
So better don't write my bad things in mandarin XD jkjk
i finally can read people's mandarin blog.

My Friend -___-
I been gaining weight lately.
So so so so so long i dint work out at the gym.
I like to eat
Especially when there's still so so so many
chocolate in the fridge.
How can i don't eat ?
When its calling my name
Sarah Sarah.
My birthday coming sooooon
Should i buy myself a waterproof camera?

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