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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Shin chan

2nd post for today.
Its like non stop blogging.
Any Shin chan lovers out there ?
Recently i found this when i was buying
Snow ice at 100yen @ bandar puteri's outlet
with my dear.
That snow ice was our favorite :)
green tea with red beans.
While waiting i went in and see those stuff.
Than i saw this Shin Chan biscuits.
Its Shin Chan's favorite.
Cost me RM5.90
Its not tasty -_____-
Too sweeet.
Does't like too sweet stuff.
Now its the fridge begging people to eat him.
kinda look like dog's biscuits.

If you notice my last post,
my captions are above the picture.
I used to put it below the picture.
Its kinda confused for me.
I guess i will use my old style to update next time.
What do you think ?
Upper or Below the picture?


  1. next time i wanna go 100yen c got this kind of biscuit or not, damn cute... ^^

  2. captions can be both ways..varities to ur postings..

    i dont watch shin chan, but sometimes i do bear hagemaru's antics..hehehe...


  3. very nice,,

    whatever you say my friend,,