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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bagan Hailam , Klang

***This pic is the mee***

Bagan Hailam

Last Sunday we went to Bagan Hailam, Klang.
Its so called No 1 seafood restaurant.
Well its not that tasty that i tot.
I had been craving for it since
after i visited the coconut village.
Make me quite disappointed.
Around 700pm we reached.
We don know the direction at all
Not any one of us except
mum's iphone GPS.
Dad left his gps at shop.
We followed the direction and
thanks to my dear for guiding.
Gps nowadays is very convenient.
Bring us here there and faster direction.
The preserved papaya.
Din't try.
We ordered 6 dishes.
The first one is Mee
Donno what name.
Restaurant dish wor
Its kinda okay for the taste.
**the mee pic is the 1st pic of this post
Kindly scroll up to see.
I accidentally deleted it and i upload again
can't put it back to the real position. wth.

This is the fried squid.
This is seriously delicious.
The squid was very fresh, chewy & crispy.
It goes very well with the chili sauce.
Where is the another 0.5 ?
The portion is just too small.
I had 2 piece only.
*look at my dad's finger.

The 3rd dish
'Paper wrap chicken'
Its actually aluminium foil wrap chicken.
Tot it will be black in color inside
but when i tear it off
its yellowish color.
That means steamed chicken.
Anything special ?
No -__-
Normal steamed chicken.
Not nice at all.
Its too salty and very soft.
I guess they cooked too long or whatsoever.
I like the sauce actually.

The fourth dish.
As NORMAL belacan kangkung.
omg i was like huh ? again ?
But i don't dare to say it out cause
dad will say u order la. Shut up better.
Every time this vege.
Sien jor la...
Its so damn freak salty.
Not nice at all.

Fish for 5th dish.
Xtau what name is that fried fish.
Normal but the flesh is very fresh.
But i does't like fried fish.
So its not that good for me.
Certain fried fish are tasty but not this big type of fish.
I like normal, ginger and tom yam steamed fish.
Fried fish is like very weird for me.

Last dish CRAB
Restaurant crab.
This is also very salty at outside.
But the flesh is damn fresh.
I can't stop eating it.
Its very hard to open even with hammer.
The shell was very hard.
This 2 piece of crab was eaten by
my dear and me
My parents and siblings were full.
They'll regret. lol

Hey its me without any make up
some more use dslr to capture.
and without editing.
Peeps look at me
I'm Effing FAT!
Overall, I'm quite disappointed on it.
I tot it will be very tasty.
Coconut village is more tastier.
Those blogs and people said that this restaurant are very good.
Perhaps it was last time.
Lastly the price.
6 persons for RM152
Its cheap duh.
Got crab & fish.

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