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Monday, April 26, 2010


Almost come to the end of the month.
Four more days only.
This post is about
why i changed my url.
Make it simple.
I post my link to fb whenever i update.
Since don know when
whenever i post my blog url out
there are no thumbnails.
And IDK why. WTH.
No one will notice if i post it out like that.
So i decided to change my url.
I wanted to change it to
but u see its occupied with this
2 posts owner since 2002
Than i tried this
But its occupied too !!
With no post at all. WTH
Blogger could u please do me a flavor ?
Please delete bloggers that doesn't update their acc for years !
I need those url than they does.
I want to keep it simple and clean.
Think think think.
Finally i saw that paper bag that my friend gave me
when i visited her at her working place
with goodies inside :D from bittersweet.
So i decided to name it sarahbittersweet.
After changing the url,
i tried whether it works a not.
Same as last time, no thumbnails.
I changed the url and inform my friends
only i realize that it doesn't work.
I was like omg.
I'm so so so regret to change it.
I don know what the heck is wrong with my fb/blog
I was like 548774168745 angry myself for being so stupid.
Anyone wanna help this pity little girl ? sobbbb
I want my thumbnail back.

13days more to go :)
Letsaa see.


  1. Sarah, can't help u there but good luck!

    another 13 days eh?..hehe..


  2. its okay cheqna :)
    my birthday :D