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Thursday, April 15, 2010

untitled 150410

Random post about my life.
Kinda depressed about my life without schooling.
Without schooling means without friends
My friends are my bf & family.
I'm lucky that i got my bf
If not i would be more depress
It seems to be very very very long i din't meet them.
We din't hang out or anything.
But at least i did chat with Joanne at fb ~
And some times Kah Sing.
All of them are busy with their life after graduated
last 2 years ago.
I can throw my phone away now.
No one even call me even in a month
Except for my family.
I'm using the other number
which dear gave it to me.
And my family call that number too to find me.
So, my ori number can bar it d.
I know this issue occur with anybody
not just only me.
I'm choosing one way to express it
that is BLOG ~
I will feel better shouting this shit out.
I should blame myself for not finding them too.
And sometimes din't attend their outings
which i feel its inconvenient for me.
I'm not the kind that find people to text
or what so ever.
Except there are outings.
My birthday coming soon.
Hope they won't forget about it.
I donno what to do.
Should i ask them out or wait ?
I donno what to do.
My dear is back.
Bye peeps
Gonna reply my chat box when i'm free
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  1. halo there~ i think you should wait for surprise!^^ anyway, happy early birthday(since i duno when.) :-)


  2. wait ? haha.. we'll see..
    I think i should msn them if not i guess they will forget about it.
    Maybe i won't bother about it :(