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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


19 days left to nineteen years old.
I seriously does't want anyone to forget my birthday
Especially my babes :(
Lately we hardly meet.
Last time we meet was at San's birthday
Annie & Jia Hui more worse -________-
Not to say my college friends.
More more worse.
If we meet at outside , i really dk that we will talk a nt.
Aikssss. I'm busy at daytime.
I got no time to ask them out.
Cause i'm afraid that i will ffk them.
And they din't call me out too.
I'm sick to think about this.
Its like everyone is ignoring me.
I know u'll will think that i'm crazy or what so ever.
But i just can't get it.
Does i annoy u guys where i din't talk to u all ?
Sickening thing.
This morning i post 19days left to nineteen.
Although they are ppl comment
but its all not my babe.
Depressed. Annoyed by this.
FML !!!
Sometimes i should't care people that who does't care me.
What for ? For me doing that.
FML !!

The line is EFFING slow ! FML
There are many ants in my toilet !! FML

I'm going to get a job after July.
I want to work at bank = = as the counter person.
Which its a very easy job.
No requirements
Just need a SPM cert.
OR work as acc clerks for 5 days only. LOL.
Imma so lazy ! FML.

I'm sorry nuffnangers/readers/walkers.
Gonna reply the chatbox soon.
Going to sleep now peeps.
I scramble out my feelings and i'm quite relieve now.


  1. my babe!! no worry!! ever ur parent 4got when ur bird-day, i also wont 4got 1~!!!

    and i understand how you feel when your bestest friends and buddy 4got your bird-day!! i try before!! that is effing sad and moodless!!!^^
    but cheer uP~~they will remember^^~~ muack~!!XX

  2. me too lor.. cause no differ. lol
    Cheering up T.T

  3. hi Sarah,

    u r SOMEBODY...don't feel down..u'll get lots of good wishes not only on ur b'day but on other days as well. send me a note of reminder when ur b'day comes will ya?..hehe..

    cheer up n chin up!


  4. Thanks Cheqna :)
    I hope sooooooo
    I'll countdown about my birthday at my blog.
    Thanks so much ~~~~~~