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Saturday, April 24, 2010


A short post before bed.
Yesterday yum cha (hang out/had a drink) with Joanne.
It been so long we din't hang out.
She used Guan's car to fetch me.
When i ask her who got go
she say u, me, mee gee and than jun sam ..
i was like har ????
So lil ?
Yin Leng & Kah sing got class.
we called Wei khang and Jun keat.
Both said not free , whatsoever.
And even Wai Lik
All not free.
Went to Sentosa.
On the way Chiiiit Chaaaat
Its like so many things idk.
outdated poor lil teen.
Oh yeaa..
Wai San, She sicked so she can't join us :(
Reach there, went to cc for a while.
While waiting for Mee Gee to come.
Around 945 she arrived.
Than we went to Fai Wong.
Its so called supper for them
but its my so called dinner.
Wan Tan Mee.
Than after that Wei Khang called
and ask us to go Puchong.
Around 1050 meet them.
A while than we back.

I don know what if i never talk to them.
Or never online.
Will they ever bother to call me ?
Or even if i'm dead *touchwood*
Will they attend my funeral ?
Or will they realize that imma dead ?

I do not have any Boy-Friends at school.
Well most close boy-friends is
Who should i mention where they is non ?
Should i say its my college friend ?
Hey ?
I so don know !
I think i'm too ugly to be their friends or whatsoever.
Or maybe i'm like the banana at school.
Doesn't know how to read in mandarin.

Sometimes i think that i should't care
for those does't care about me.
Why should i make myself sick about them ?
Maybe i'm the one who cause this thing out.
- Never call them out / where they too never ask me out.
except there is occasions.
- Does't text each other since secondary. Maybe its
because language problem.
- My attitude problem i guess . They hate it.
Imma not friendly -____-

IM SO DEAD in this world.
My world its like only got family, bf.
Sometimes friends invade to my world.

This post makes me look like a
retarded that need friends so much.
But my mum always tell me
Friends won't help u when u are in trouble.
Please don't think that i'm crazy or got problem.
I'm just telling what i feel.
Where u guys can't even feel what i felt.
Imagine that u got no friends.
HOW ???
Maybe i should ask them out frequently.
But i'm effing busy especially starting next week.
FML !!!


  1. as i am a guy, i believe i need friends. though so far my life has been revolving around my family and gf as well. but we still keep in touch, me and my bffs, best guy friends.

    one of my bffs, she said, at least a girl needs a girl friend to talk about girl stuff. i don't know if that's true, but it does make sense to me.

    something i came across on facebook LOL
    "you don't lose your friends as you grow up, you just know which one is your real friends"


  2. i strongly agree your opinion .
    A reason why i don't have a bff i does't hang out with them.
    For me the real bff will care u even if i din't contact them or anything.
    They din't.
    I don know what's the reason maybe my attitude problem or maybe they think that i'm strong alone without friends or maybe they don't even care about what i do.
    thanks for the concern Danial :)

  3. honey~no worry!!
    as your mom say friend won't help you when you in trouble~
    but some will for sure^^ thts me~~XD

    i think they understand you are busy recently + you got bf~
    for sure you hang out with bf d. if they dont un you~ i will so Speechless=="~
    cause thy will sure also face this kind of problem~~