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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Manhattan Fish Market.

Last Sunday went to Sunway with dear.
Ate at Fish market than
Watched Clash of the Titans.
This movie is kinda good actually.
Its not what i had expected.
Its way more better & nicer than i expected.
I told my dear when this movie released.
This movie not good lahhh
Fighting those.. ishh.
I don't like. lol.
But i saw many of my friends posted
at their fb saying that
Clash of the Titans very nice.
So i changed my mine and watched it :)
Sorry Dear for not believing you.
Even my parents said thats its good.

Manhattan fish market.
Not many variety to choose.
All fish or seafood of cause.
I used the voucher that my mum redeemed
last year from SenHeng.
This year also got. lol
But we use that voucher after getting it for one year.
The Add-on soup its not worth it at all !
(Scroll down to see that pic)
Add-on soup and bottomless soft drink for RM9.90
(if i'm not wrong, around that price)
The bottomless soft drink is very common nowadays.
The SOUP, guess what was the soup of the day.
I din't ask what was the name
but one thing i know that
it was 88% same with chicken rice soup
that we ate at hawker stall those.
Makes me feel doesn't worth it at all.
We din't even finish it.
The serving are kinda big
Very very full.

Mud pie Rating
FOC with voucher.

Mine dory fish and chips
Their chips is not as good as Ireland potatoes.
Dear's one platter.
Can't finish.
Gave half of the fish to dear

Picture of that day :)

Water pop in cantonese.
Thanks to the Vincci heel.
Doesn't suitable for my elephant leg.
But i like it . XD
I wear it to shop, eat, club.
Others its at my closet laying eggs.
If i'm free, i'll captured my heels pic
And blog it out.
Title : _____________
u'll will know when i post it out
Fat leg !
Effing hate my body.
All made out of oil.
Not flesh. lol.
HaTE !!!
Can't i be as slim as
Let me think ......
I just so wanna be slim
but i can't stop eating the whole time !


  1. forget edy me havent eat manhattan before

  2. oh~ to me the chips deserve 3.5 ^^lol

  3. fish man so expensive ah. no $$ eat. and last pic there, what a sexy leg.