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Saturday, April 17, 2010


*this pic does't belong to me*

Dear watching Man U vs Man City.
I'm here to update my blog.
It started to rain around 5pm today.
It rain so heavily and the storm behave violently.
So scary & i need to drive back home.
Around 550pm i went back with Macy.
Oh God its so dangerous cause i can't
even see the road properly.
I can see reverse mirror but not side mirror.
I drive damn slow cause i scare got something wrong happen.
You know la.
Proton's car. Especially Wira.
Damn low. Scare it broke down in the middle of the road.
I use the other alternative way to go back home.
It is because the road was flooded with about 1feet of water.
Gosh... Its damn scary.
I used the Kesas Highway to go back.
How fast i drive ??
40 to 50 km per hour.
Its like damn slow -___-
No choice the tires is very old.
Damn lame old.
Scare skid or the tire can't stand rain.
Maintain that speed only.
Overtake also need to double check.
Lame old me.
I did think off to stop aside
Safety first ma.
But i does't wanna waste time , just drive.
At last i'm safe and i'm here to blog.

~ Its better that not to drive during heavy rain.
~ If want please don't drive that fast.
~ Remember to on your lights.
Safety First peeps

Gonna reply my Chat Box comment soon.
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  1. dear sarah lee,
    everytime have to drive carefully,
    patiently n sometimes slowly,
    be glad that u r home safely.


  2. glad u ok. i'm too once driving during heavy rain at federal highway . Man.. the visibility was ZERO and everything was white before my windscreen.