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Monday, May 10, 2010

Maison 060510

I asked some of my friends parthay at Maison.
But no one wants except Caroline.
But she went with her friends.
We just meet there and dance together for a while.
Better than nothing.
I was with my bf's friends as usual.
Always meet at Club.
That day we late for about 5 minutes
they charged us more 100++ bucks for 2 bottles.
The location for me is not that good
cause i keep on inhale secondhand smoke.

Caroline & me

Dear :))

Sorry for the picture.
Two of them were from LMF.
I remember that they asked us in cantonese
'You all know how to speak cantonese a not ?'
Everyone said 'sek'
I wanted to leave that time but Dear
said that his friend at the deck there
and wanna stay a while more to see his friend perform.
I din't realize that some of them
were LMF until i went out.
Zzzzz If my dear din't tell me
i won't know that they have been there the other day.
Never heard of LMF ?
They are from HK.
A band that rap with some foul language in their songs.
Try google them or search at youtube.
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