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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cervical Cancer Vaccine.

I just got my cervical cancer injection just now.
Cost my mum RM200 per needle.
Gotta inject 3 times to make it effective.
2 more to go.
2nd on next month
3rd on november.
I'm using this Cervarix vaccine
that the doctor recommended.
It is designed to protect females against
the disease caused by infection with HPV
types 16 and 18 which account for approximately
70% of cervical cancer.
HPV is a very common virus which effects human.
The virus is transmitted through genital skin to
skin contact so it can affect virtually any woman,
regardless to her age or lifestyle.
It is estimated that about 4 to 5 sexually active women
will have and HPV infection during their lifetime,
even if they have only one or two sexual partner.
Remember that Condoms might reduce the risk
but are not fully Protective.

Have u got your vaccine today ?
It is learn that every 4minutes somewhere in
Asia Pacific, a woman dies of cervical cancer.
So get your dose today !

Some HPV article.

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  1. Don't forget the 2nd and 3rd dose!

    Take care..

  2. I never heard it before. Thanks for share your experience, hope you'll just fine =)

    I have clicked your nuffnang ads, you can visit me here

  3. Great idea Sarah! Took your advise and got my first one last week. It's so important for every girl to get it! Suzan