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Friday, May 28, 2010


In the previous post i posted a pic of my BB max.
I named my BB Bold , BB max.
Idk why this name comes to my mind suddenly.
Still haven load musics into Max.
Lazy lor..
They said couldn't bluetooth (biru gigi) songs.
Errrr . So need to take a cable to dw songs from com.
BBM 22016E98

Today is a black day.
I dream bad things. Scary.
Almost fall down several times while working.
And worse case.
Got an Indonesian man pass away nearby clinic there.
Goshhh .
So many people at there looking and
ask them what had happened.
They said
The Indonesian man was working.
He suddenly said that his chest seriously pain.
Then his fellow friends bring him to the clinic.
Almost reach he couldn't stand and pass away.
His friends than wrap him with a carpet/don know what.
With 1 man driving , 1 man sitting in front passenger seat.
3 men at behind letting the dead man in their hands and thighs.
And they couldn't close the door.
They drove a mini tiara.
Its extremely small to fit in so many people.
Makes me think of my Uncle.
Humans are Fragile
May god bless you.

BTW = between or by the way ?
What do you think ?

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