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Saturday, May 29, 2010

I wanna watch Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 gonna release soon.
And this is the 1st time i join a contest from Nuffnang.
Wish me luck ;)
Toy Story.
From Toy Story 1 than 2 and now 3.
When's 4 ? haha.
Toy Story reminds me about my childhood.
Watch cartoon all the time.
Play with no limits.
Yea no limits until Mum's here :P
Holding her sugar cane on her hand.
Calling us to bath and eat our dinner.
I miss playing with my siblings and neighbors.
We are grown up teens now.
Can't mess with our life.
I'm telling myself how good if i'm the
new character in Toy Story 3 ,
Zip myself in when i'm in trouble. hehe.
Unzip when there's excitement.
Inside the comfortable plush.
With my 2 other pea friends.
Stick together forever.
Looking cool and cute.

Toy Story 3
My Favorite new toy is them !
How cute are them ?
Isn't them adorable ?
I'll name them 3C Peas.
Charming - Cute - Champion
Read peas few times and u'll notice that u pronoun it as
3C is Peace lil Peas.

This is Stretch.
I think i'll stretch Stretch and throw him on the wall.
Let it stick on the wall.
Mr. Pricklepants.
You look so noob lor.
Charming Ken.
You aren't that charming.
My 3C peas is much more better looking than you.

So, my favorite new toy is
Hope you like my post and give me passes.
I know i'm not that lucky or
good enough to get those passes.
Well i enjoy knowing 3C.
Good luck to others nuffnangers
who join this mini contest.

Night peeps.

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