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Monday, May 24, 2010

Worst Food Ever

Worst food ever i tasted this year.
Not only i said my dear and mum agree too.
Actually my dear said 1st. hah
I been craving for korean food since last month.
Than i saw some shit flyer promoting this restaurant
at the IOI's boulevard.
Hence i give it a try last few days
with my mum & dear.
Cause after dinner need to help
my mum out with her accounts.
The design of the restaurant is very warm.
But the food real sucks.a
I ordered a pork dono what la..
Omfg when i saw half of the pork contains FAT.
I don't really eat pork but idk why i ordered it that day.
Mum asked me Why did u ordered pork ?
I tot u don't like pork ..
I also don know.
Roti canai is better than that.
Mum's whatsoever soup is not tasty at all.
Dear's fried rice same.
Overall not nice at all.
Even the kimchi.
The only thing that i like was the plain rice.

Korean special tea
was 'fried rice tea' according to my mum.
Dear's fried rice.
Mum's Soup.
RM15.90 (if im not wrong)
Look at the fats.
Couldn't finish .
After that, we went to the Pacific company,
I bought a mochcino.
Whatsoever name.
I forgot.
They dint charge tax.
I like starbucks more don know why.
With warm and friendly waiters i guess.
For pacific
Maybe my outfit sucks or u only serve high class ppl.
Serve with a smile please.
Like i owe u 1000bucks.
Gonna try their Chillings next time.

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  1. if you cravin 4 korean food..try seoul garden..