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Saturday, May 22, 2010


My 2010 wish list.
After using around 3 years of Nokia N73 phone.
I now wants to change a new one !
Can't stand it anymore.
My phone got something wrong.
It actually still got many spaces * 2gb memory.
Keep on telling me memory low.
Today i text with my babe.
*ask her about make up products*
I off my phone effing 5times !!!
To get her text.
If you ask me why not iphone ?
Cause BB is kinda trendy now.
And iphone its like everywhere.
And iphone make me lost confidence of it
Mum's iphone broke down TWICE.
Need 3 months to fix the 2nd time.
And its expensive !
This BB bold 9700 cost around RM1800-1900.
or BB curve around RM900 u can get it.
So why not BB ?
But this BB need my dad's permission to buy.
Firstly cause if i buy BB i won't be able to buy
waterproof camera.
with my CNY's angpau money ~
I told my mum that i'll pay her
RM100 per month for 18months.
She said ask dad when he back on Monday
from Thailand.
Hope he let laaaa.
My phone around 3 years din't change lehh
And i'll pay u back with my salary !!!
Just help me use your CC to swipe for me.
Seriously i don't understand why
CC need 21st year old only can get !
Need to wait 2 more years only can get.
Okay !
Wish my dad will help me~

Secondly, Make up products.
Wanted to buy so long time ago.
First of all i need to think about my face.
I only use water to rinse
i don't use cleanse or whatsoever.
Cause idk how.
So ma fan.
After this need to apply that this that this.
If i buy foundation and those powder to apply
on my face, i need to buy those remover,
cleanse and moreeee to clean my face properly.
Therefore i need to use so much money.
Asked my babe JH for the price and how to apply.
Thanks babe !
Hmmm. I think altogether need RM500 to get
all the products.
Thats too much for me.
Cause need to buy waterproof camera.
So, im still doubting whether do
i really need these stuff to harm my skin ?
or make myself more pretty
after applying these stuff ?

Third one, Coach or Gucci.
Hope to get these but due to financial problem
i couldn't and its so damn freaking expensive for me.
buy this = waterproof camera.
Rather buy waterproof camera than this.
This third wishlist need to wait 5 more years or maybe longer !
Finally ~
Why do i need this type of camera where i got a better one ?
Cause August i'm going to Redang ~
Need this thing to capture underwater natural wonder.

First choice ~
10feet waterproof.
1.5m shockproof.
-10c freezeproof.
2.7 lcd monitor.
HD movie
2nd choice
Sony DSC-TX5
Almost the same function with 3000
But the thing is no RED color.
this is round RM1500

I like Sony's DSC-T900
Stylish and its red in color.
But its not waterproof.
outta my list d.
Somebody help me.
Which one should i get for the camera?
Still got around 2 and the half months.
Or should i don't get ?

Which waterproof camera should i buy ?

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  1. erm as for my opinion, there is no point of buying a waterproof camera or watever proof becoz simply u dun use it frequent.. out of 1000 occasions, there might be only 1 event.

    same goes like extra long zoom, if u were to buy a digital camera, and opt for extra long zoom, it will be useless too becoz you wont use it frequent.. most probably for digital camera is portrait pic or close distance picture.

    if u want to take pic in redang, no worry. There will be the beach boys who will take [ictures randomly inside the sea. What you need to do is simply ask them to take ur pictures whenever you spot them. Charges if not msitaken is RM 2. After your snorkelling session, you can drop by to the souvenir shops and choose your pic.

    there must be a pro and con, more or lesser in anything.. given the price at 999 and with the water proof and dust proof etc, i am doubt on the quality of the picture in another words the quality of the lens.

    at 1 K, you can actually buy other better digital camera like canon and lumix.

    hope my opnion helps.

  2. Thanks for your opinion.
    You're right about it.
    For RM999, the quality should be very low.
    I should differentiate the price & quality.

    Hmmmm. They take underwater pictures for visitors ?

    I'll reconsider about it.
    Thanks for your opinion so much ~

  3. hey sarah, thanks for the visit to my site....viewing ur post and like ur site...

    wow, u sure got a good taste of products and lifestyle....hope u will able to achieve them...hehehe