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Saturday, May 1, 2010

MBO cinema.

Ever heard of MBO cinema ?
Last Friday dear & me went to Salak South
to watch ice kacang puppy love
due to we can't buy tickets online and its like
almost full house when he checked online.
So we went to Salak South Mbo's cinema
to try out luck.
Yea our luck is good. lols
Got ticket couple seat tim.
RM18.00 for couple seat.
The seat is bigger than TGV & GSC's cinema.
And it is LEATHER seat.
The design is way more nicer
than other cinemas that i went.
The air cond was so cold till i shiver.
Maybe its still new.
Opened on February if im not wrong.
Its really worth it for money.
Nice environment and comfortable.
No need to buy couple seat
cause the 'drink holder' can lift up.
The popcorn was very nice.
As nice as TGV's but sweeter.
Oh yea..
The staff there is handsome (Malay Male).
Some of them larr.
Go check out.
But for people that want to shop after movie or before
than don't go there cause there only got Giant.
and other quiet shop lots.

Finally i get to watch it.
It was not that good as i think.
The ending sucks lor.
Why 3 ? cause some part were very funny.


We bought the tickets after we watched ICe kacang.
Iron man 2, 1st episode i haven't watch.
It comes out very good than i tot.
My bf said not much fighting scene than 1st epi.
I love Robert Downey's voice
Arhhh . sexy.
Especially that movie Sherlock Holmes.
IP man 2 ?
Haven watch yet.
Donno when only can watch.

I'm waiting for
Toy Story 3

I say 125486475417878 times thank you who nanged it :)


  1. i haven't watch yet, huhu.

    mind to leave comment for me too?

  2. its an awesome movie! and yes, i am waiting for TOy Story 3, too :)

  3. my iron man nid watch time

  4. My house there also got MBO, Ampang MBO. But the MBO here not nice and very dirty -.-"

  5. The fact of the matter is its MBO. It's nothing to do with its location at Kuching or anywhere else. MBO just sucks! flat SUCKS!!! I'm staying at KL. Just watched Transformers 3, like just now, at MBO Spark, Desa Petaling. Sound problem man... it was not muted, it's playing. But when you hear the sound, its like as though you were hearing it underwater with the sound amplified. How stupid is that. Me and some other guy went out to complaint, after a while they fixed the prob, but only for a short moment the sound went crazy again. I went out again and ask if they could get the sound fixed and rewind the movie for a bit. They couldnt because it will affect their movie schedule. So i asked if I could get a refund. She's like gladly accpeted my request as though she had been through this all the time with the customers. So I asked again, "Can you refund for all the others inside"?. She's making some face and turned away. So there I was 'trying hard' not to waste my time, finishing the movie in a cinema not worth watching. JUST WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT!!!???

  6. It depends on some places. Some MBO i been the customer service are very bad. She printed the wrong time and i ask her to change to the time that i want. Then she's making her bad mood face to me and it is very rude. If u dont want to serve customer well, then dont work there. We as the customer wont like it