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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Michelle Phan aka RiceBunny

Michelle Phan

These few days i had been spending my time on
Who's Michelle Phan ? In case if u don know who's she.
She's a make up guru on Youtube.
If i'm not wrong about it that's her 1st video.
She's a Vietnamese.
She's currently living in US.
She's a professional make up artist & Lancome's spokesperson.
How great she is.
She's featured on Forbes too after Justin Bieber.
She makes me want to learn more about make up.
Like applying foundation, about brushes, liners.
But i don not owe any foundation,
special brushes and various colors of eye shadow.
Makes me wanna buy all of them !
And the Cute lil red kabuki brush .
I want it cause its like red in color.
I love that red color.
Its quite expensive for me.
Cause im not a make up artist.
Its just for my own use.
And i don even know what's kabuki for.
This makes me wanna learn Make up
not professional cause i just want to learn for myself.
I asked my friends about Personal Make up
at the Sense & Style beauty academy.
Its RM1388 for 13 lessons * free some make up products.
And the other day i saw it at MonicaLee make up academy
RM250 for 1 day course. Tools provided.
But i don wanna go alone.
Its at KL.
So if i really wanna learn i gotta find a friend
to learn together.
Cause im not independent !
I want people to accompany me.
Thats the negative side of myself.
Enough of Make up.

I'm not sure whether i should say it here.
If i really does.
Conflict in my Family will start.
Cause everyone's is headache
I had to keep it on my heart cause don wanna cause any problem.
But i did tell my sista.
It already got a thorn inside my heart.
What the hell u explain to me it just won't cure it.
I dint talk to him since yesterday.
I will keep this going for the rest of my life
if he won't change his darn attitude.
Oh yea..
He don't fucking care about it too.
I don understand why !
Sudah cukup lor.. don wanna say much about him.
'fai zii'

End of this post !


  1. somehow if you get your own income, then you can start to do what you are intersted in it! cheers!

  2. XD <3 ricebunny too! she is so awesome in tutorial and tips.

  3. don't believe in any massage that says something about Viagra

  4. I thought Michelle was good, until I witnessed she lies a lot, her iQQU is verified by US FDA that they're not approved. I found out she is not how she looks in the pictures and videos but photoshop and lighting tricks, I learned that she always posts "Preach it!" "Get them, girls" sic her fans to start the fight with whoever disagree with her. I supported her alot, but her videos are getting lousy so I asked her to change back to the old way instead of promoting her friends on her make up channels and she deleted and blocked me. She is a hypocrite. I'm feeling very disappointed by her. I hope she knows that she lost so many fans for her bad behavior. I hope you research and learn the truths about her. <3

  5. Sweet 16. You're mistaken Michelle Phan is awesome , you might just be jealous? She does not post "Preach it" . or whatever. And she shows her real look in the net. That's her real face, she shows it. She does not lie a lot. Her techniques work.